Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Times New Video Alignment

Really excited to show off the video I have completed with Luke Abbott for Luke's track Trans Forest Alignment.

Inspired by the colour separation techniques used in the 1979 short film by amateur cinematographer J. Ron Chapman 'The Magic Sea' (which provided the colourful still that adorns the cover of Luke Abbott's 'Holkham Drones' album), and filmed on the album's namesake Holkham beach in Norfolk and along the coast in Cromer.

Read more at I will also be playing some shows with Luke later this year providing visuals to his live set.


I have also been lucky enough to contribute to the Times New Viking video, No Room to Live

My friend Brandon directed and co-ordinated it with his partner in crime Pelham Johnston. I'm planning to produce live visuals for the band again. They are due to land on European shores this spring, to tour their new record which is to be released on Merge records.
Read more on Pitchfork.

Been a busy time for videos and more on their way ....


  1. Waiting for new videos. Really love your work.. I made visuals too, if you interest check out:

    Also I'm a real fan of Border Community, you're so lucky =)

    Best wishes,

  2. Hey Emir, so sorry for the late reply, i never really get round to checking this! am moving everything over to a cleaner tumblr site so should be more on it. will check out your work for sure. thanks for your kind words, take care. dan